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Why Music Makes Us Happy?

Your heart beats faster, palms sweat and part of your brain called the Heschl’s gyrus lights up like a Christmas tree. Chances are, you’ve never thought about what happens to your brain and body when you listen to music in such a detailed way.

But it’s a question that has puzzled scientists for decades: Why does something as abstract as music provoke such a consistent response? In a new study, a team of USC researchers, with the help of artificial intelligence, investigated how music affects listeners’ brains, bodies and emotions. The research team looked at heart rate, galvanic skin response (or sweat gland activity), brain activity and subjective feelings of happiness and sadness in a group of volunteers as they listened to three pieces of unfamiliar music. Old song lyrics in India play an important part of music.

Of the 74 musical features examined, the researchers found dynamics, register, rhythm and harmony were particularly helpful in predicting listeners’ response.

The core of music and lyrics

Among their discoveries, the analysts noticed that music capably affected pieces of the cerebrum in the hear-able complex called the Heschls’ gyrus and the predominant transient gyrus. In particular, the mind reacted to beat clearness, or the quality of the beat (set forth plainly: your gyri will be looking exuberant when tuning in to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance).

They additionally found that evolving elements, cadence and tone, or the presentation of new instruments, achieves the uptick accordingly. At the end of the day, contrast is essential. For example, the gyri enact when there is an adjustment in elements, or “din. Whether it’s old or new song lyrics, the words are an important part whatever be the song may be.

In the event that a melody is boisterous all through, there’s not a great deal of dynamic fluctuation, and the experience won’t be as incredible as though the writer utilizes an adjustment in din. It’s the musician’s business to take you on a rollercoaster of feelings in less than three minutes, and dynamic fluctuation is one of the manners in which this is accomplished.

Thus, in case you’re tuning in to an entire collection of dark metal, which is reliably uproarious, you’re presumably not going to see a reaction. Yet, in case you’re tuning in to Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, which goes from a peaceful stanza to noisy ensemble and back once more, it’s an alternate story.

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