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The Importance Of Lyrics To Make A Song

Personally it is seen that the human voice as the defining characteristic that separates a song from a piece of music. Yes, music on its own carries an immense amount of emotional weight, but without the context of language it is believed that music deals with the broader brush strokes of emotions; happiness, sadness, fear, anger, and so forth.

Lyrics of songs

Lyrics, and the nature of their delivery, mine deeper into the emotional complexity of the human mind. Songs Lyrics India give us subtle emotional detail, enrich the surrounding music with narrative context and, in return, take on pathos and depth from the notes and chords at play around them.

Listen to a piece of music in isolation from even a title, and even the most insightful musician or student of music to give me any precise intended meaning. It’s all very well to know that Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf is telling a story, but without the accompanying story there is no indication as to what the narrative of the piece involves. We may well assign adjectives such as delicate, playful or menacing to its various movements but beyond that we, as listeners, remain in the dark. The music to Peter and the Wolf was in fact directly informed by the story we all know so well (imagined by Prokofiev himself) and serves to exemplify how language gives music a narrative and emotional focus, even without it being directly involved in the composition in the form of lyrics.

The core part of any song

In many ways it is understandable that those who do not notice lyrics, and despite finding the indifference to lyrics a colossal sadness, there is no prejudice towards my music loving friends and still hold their musical taste and knowledge in high regard. Their indifference to the words of a song and how they are delivered doesn’t appear to admonish their critical appreciation of a piece of music in general, and you will be questioning whether this is due to a great deal of lyrics being used primarily as a vehicle for melody and harmony rather than meaning.

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